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Graf Creative is in the business of creating brands that outperform their peers. With a combined brand building experience of nearly half a century across MNCs – Indian and International, across sectors be it FMCG, White Goods, Consumables, Services etc we bring to you a varied and extensive range and expertise.

Graf Creative is the house of creative brand-building work. We help build solid brands that consistently deliver their existential purpose. Graf is all about the creative plot that lifts the concept up, way up to stretch the traction to more number of people, more like lifting a beautiful kite up alias building a brand up.

Graf Creative


graf creative

The measure of any communication besides its performance in the consumer mind and marketplace is also how it performs amongst its peers.
Here are a few testimonials that establishes the rigor in our approach and the capability of our talent pool.
A few of these projects were nominated for state and national level creative competitions and won a few of them. We, however, measure ourselves by enhancing our brand performance in the consumer mind and the marketplace by ensuring a significant higher degree from when they came on board.

Graf Creative

Analysing Brand

We solve issues through strategic thinking. Maximum performance at optimum cost. It’s the laterality in our thinking that helps deliver real results. Creative, that besides looking good, actually works. For those insights to produce effective communications, we dig deep and immerse ourselves fully into our clients business. Put simply, we make sure that every creative idea or communication we develop is supported by sound strategic thinking. So that it produces real results. Understanding the business, the market, the consumer the competitive landscape and exploring the dimensions of the business to make it different and memorable.