We are problem solvers and strategic thinkers. If there is a better way to solve a problem, you can bet we’ll find it. It’s the quality of our thinking that helps deliver real results. We make sure that the creative work we develop always has substance and doesn’t just look good. And if we don’t have the insights to produce effective communications, we’ll dig a little deeper and find them by immersing ourselves further into our clients business. Put simply, we make sure that every creative idea or communication we develop is supported by sound strategic thinking. This is what produces real results. Understanding the business, market, audience and competitive landscape and exploring the dimensions of the business to make it different and memorable.

Brand Workshops

Through a series of best practice and collaborative workshops, we help brands define who they want to become so they stay relevant and resonate more powerfully with their people and customers/clients. Brand Workshops usually begin with defining the brands Purpose which then leads onto developing the Brand’s Pillars. These are then distilled into a single minded and compelling Brand Truth. When brands go through this Discovery process; people are happier, workplaces are healthier and customers/clients feel more connected and cared about. Things just fall into place.

Internal Engagement Programs

Living the brand, engaging people and creating a culture of ‘Togetherness’ strengthens brands which is what our ‘Internal Engagement Program’ is about. Many organisations forget that their people are the ‘Brand’ and purely focus on external communications. However, this disconnected way of working only creates a more fragmented brand and clients see though this illusion. We are brand purists and believe true change starts from the inside out. Creating an inclusive culture that people feel happy in and want to be around. A place where they clearly know their purpose and where their talent is valued. Everyone needs a sense of belonging; it’s what creates stronger brands.

Here’s where brand strategy, systems and principals are created and ideas are formed. Backed by research and intuition, we build a solid platform for brands to grow and prosper with confidence and clarity. It’s where all the thinking happens and where brands begin to get shaped. We get to the heart and soul of the brand so we can amplify it with a bigger voice. We think ahead from the customer and brand’s perspective. We look at every detail, plan for the future and we put things in place to turn a brand’s strategy into a living reality.

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Our brand strategy sessions help you understand where you are, where you want to be, who your competitors are and where you sit in the market, helping you identify opportunities for growth, paths to future success and what you need to do to get there. Successful brands build relationships and loyalty with their customers/clients over time. They do this through telling a compelling story and engaging through meaningful conversations and interactions. Defining a brand not only creates clarity in everyone’s mind, but it aligns thinking and places the brand in a better position for growth and success. Brand Strategy impacts all facets of business; including how it engages with it’s people, how it communicates to it’s customers/clients, organizational culture right though to systems and processes.

Brand Repositioning

Businesses can outgrow their brands. When you find that your market share growth is stagnant, often all it takes to regain momentum is a hard look at your brand. We can help. The Graf Agency has extensive experience helping businesses take the next step in their journey towards success. Our brand repositioning services help you transition your brand, helping you to attract new and more profitable clients. Your brand is who you are – our goal is to preserve what makes it special while giving it the lift it needs to be appealing to tier-one clients. Working closely with yourself and other stakeholders, we identify and document your unique position in the market, your strengths, your values and your underlying philosophy, using these as the tent-poles for a new and more effective brand that cuts through at a higher level.

Brand Revitalisation

Is your brand in need of a refresh? Brands can sometimes get a bit stale over time and can benefit from a revitalisation. We have extensive experience helping businesses retool and redevelop their brands. A brand revitalisation can be a real opportunity to re-examine your entire strategy. By taking the time to closely assess the different aspects of your business, organisations frequently walk away from a revitalisation with a renewed focus and clarity. A revitalisation can give you insight into new products, new audiences, new strategies and more, helping you improve your position in the market in numerous ways. Graf is here to help facilitate this transformation. Our brand revitalisation services involve deep engagement with your company from a team of dedicated, experienced and talented creatives and brand strategists.

Brand Architecture

More complex businesses with a large portfolio of brands or divisions require a Brand Architecture and Hierarchy system that allows greater flexibility for growth and easier management. A clear and well thought out Brand Architecture system creates clarity in the business and also helps brands and sub-brands communicate more effectively with it’s target audience. When developing a Brand Architecture system, we always start by looking at the relationship between the parent brand and its sub-brands/divisions. Once we understand the inter-related connections and themes they share, we’re then able to define the sort of framework we use, whether it be a Branded House, House of Brands, Monolithic or Hybrid Architecture system. Each will have it’s own distinctive structure which then informs how we treat the Brand Identity.

We love bringing brands to life - it’s the fun part. Using Brand Strategy as a platform for creative development, we give brands a voice and a face; and we help them tell a story, visually. Engaging with them across various touchpoints in a uniformed way creates a more compelling and engaging story. Using a cross discipline and integrated approach, we ensure the brands we touch do everything possible to make a positive and lasting impression. Whether it is through identity design, advertising, video or signage, we make sure it communicates the essence of the brand and transcends creative boundaries.

Brand Advertising

Not only do we help brands ‘tell’ their stories, we help ‘sell’ them too. When we create communications, we always have the brand top of mind to ensure it’s in the voice and language of the brand, irrespective of what we are trying to sell or promote. This ensures brand consistency and effectiveness of message. Whether it’s for a brand building campaign to capture the hearts and minds of the customers, promoting a product/service or more simply for lead generation; we’ll carefully plan the right mediums and craft compelling messages and creative. We’ll work across all channels and mediums including TV, radio, magazines and newspaper publications, direct mail, online spaces, social platforms and outdoor billboard media. Basically any touchpoint that will influence your customer; we do.

Print Media

Print is always in fashion and it’s still a favorite choice for effective brand communications. There are times where the ubiquitous pixel simply isn't up to the task. When quality presentation, extensive information or an enduring impression of style is required, the art of print stands alone. It’s more tactile than any other medium and offers the perfect landscape for story telling and promotions. We’ll always try to push the boundaries where we can with special cuts and finishes as it helps evoke an emotion and embellish the look and feel of the piece. From table books and brochures right through to direct mail and catalogues, we’ll create the right tools to help bring your brand to life and communicate your story.

Digital Media

A great deal of the digital advertising "trends" are caused by brands continually hopping on the latest marketing trends just because others are doing it. We believe that businesses can really accelerate growth by being flexible and open to experimenting with new and creative ways to advertise. However, the ROI must be there to justify the effort and cost involved. Digital marketing is complex. There are so many platforms and choices out there. While digital marketing provides many more options for businesses, it also makes it more challenging to know where and how to focus your marketing. We will work with you to analyse your needs, review how current strategies are working and look at ways to optimise and grow your business cost-effectively.


Great photography helps set the mood and tone for the communication piece; whether it be on a billboard, catalogue or website; photography tells stories and evokes emotion where sometimes words cannot even go. Photography captures attention and sometimes communicates messages quicker, more vividly and with greater conviction. Whether it be in fashion, architecture or a retail space, photography plays a big role. It helps communicate an exclusive and intimate feeling and gets to the heart of the customer with a greater sense of belief and authenticity. Photography plays an important part in the branding space which is why we work closely with many different photographers depending on their area of expertise from fashion, lifestyle and food photography, we’ve got it covered. Great photography simply elevates brands.

Video & Motion Pictures

Video content is happening everywhere now and it’s just an everyday medium we try to build into every branding and communications project where we can. It has the unique ability to get to the heart quicker, show authenticity and demonstrate product features and benefits better that any other medium. Whether it’s to showcase a testimonial, a new product/service, a series of quick video posts on Facebook or LinkedIn or a full brand production piece for TV or online; we have the resources and talent to get it off the ground quicker and more efficiently. We make sure the video piece is ‘on brand’, communicates effectively and engages audiences right from the very beginning. Through careful planning, storyboarding and scripting and narrative writing, we ensure that every piece we produce gets the traction and reaction it deserves and delivers on it’s intent.

3D Render & Animation

If you have visions of a product or scene that are still conceptual and you want to bring them to life with a greater sense of ‘realism’, 3D Rendering is the platform. It’s real life-like form with dynamic lighting and texture mapping creates products and scenes on another level. They can help set the tone for any presentation, proposal or brochure and they can help sell an idea before it actually gets built or manufactured. For something more technical or instructional, our 3D cutaway and animation capabilities give brands the flexibility to explain details or product features in a simple, effective and engaging way. An efficient method to showcase materials inside a product or even the mechanics of how a product works.


Impact on-shelf plays a critical role to a brands success in an FMCG, retail or trade space. Brands on shelf fight for the customer’s attention and in such a crowded space sitting near competing brands, they really need to stand their ground and be distinctive. With 73% of purchasing decisions made at POS, brands really need to look at ways of being different. And that’s exactly what we do. We create the right on-shelf presence and recognition so your brands packaging stands strong and proud and stands out from the crowd in-store. Through colour blocking, clever substrate choices and innovative product design, we are able to push the boundaries and giving your brand the best chance to land in the shopping basket.

Wayfinding & Signage

We’ll help bring spaces to life through careful planning and development of internal or external signage programs, whether that’s in office/retail spaces or in open plan communities and environments. Whether it be directional/instructional wayfinding to help guide walk flow in open spaces, pylon or store fascia signage for more prominent streetscape presence or big brand lifestyle wallpapers in office/retail environments to evoke emotion and create a warmer space, we ensure we put your brand in places that will have impact but also serve functional purposes as well.

We create beautiful digital experiences, elegant designs and powerful digital platforms. Quality user experiences that extend across a brand's entire digital ecosystem. We offer a full service digital marketing solution. We can run single or multi-channel campaigns to deliver the results you need.

Digital Advertising

We can help your business stand out online, keeping you one step ahead in this ever-evolving field. Mono-channel approaches are dead. If you want any chance of reaching your customers, you need to be speaking to them more often and in more places. We can help you create a consistent and effective multi-channel campaign, reaching your customers where they are across search engines, social media and the greater web. Guided at every stage by a clear and actionable brand strategy, our agency’s digital advertising efforts put your business in front of the people who matter most, when and where they’re most likely to buy. Whatever market you’re in, however big you are, we can tailor a strategy to help you achieve your goals and engagement to help you get ahead of the competition, all without compromising on what makes your brand unique.

Social Media Advertising

Social media refers to a selection of digital technologies which enable the building of social networks and allow communication and sharing of content with others. The current biggest players in the social media landscape are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok and Snapchat.Worldwide there are approximately 3.5 billion social media users and this number continues to grow. Social media marketing needs to form an ingredient in your digital marketing mix.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

From Site Audits to On Page and Off page SEO we can improve your keyword rankings to drive targeted organic free traffic to your website to build leads and increase sales. We can help ensure your ad is seen by consumers when they’re using Google to search for the very products and services your brand offers. Reach consumers that have previously visited your website and encourage them to return again via highly targeted ads that they’ll see when browsing other online sites.

Paid Advertising

Organic traffic is traffic generated through posts that reach audiences through unpaid promotional activities. Unless your brand has a massive following on social or your post goes viral, this organic reach is limited. Therefore businesses use paid ads on LinkedIn or Facebook, YouTube and IG to ensure their message travels wider and reaches greater audiences.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Spend your budget wisely with focused targeted paid advertising to reach the right customers at the right time through Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and YouTube Ads. PPC offers your business a chance to reach new audiences across an array of online networks from search engines to popular websites, YouTube and social channels.

Email Marketing

Engage your prospective customers and loyal brand advocates with personalised email marketing. Enhance your brand and improve your sales with effective email strategies.

However, despite this obsession with digital technology, print marketing is still one of the most effective marketing strategies and we believe should be considered by those businesses serious about taking the next step and skyrocketing growth through broad brand exposure. Print media offers a prestigious and "real" way to engage with different segments in your targeted customer base. And, as so many businesses move away from print media, our clients get the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and engage with them in a more sophisticated way.

Brochure Printing

Whether you need brochures for your trade show, a direct mail campaign or a slick high end corporate profile, our team will advise you on the best paper stocks and print process for your brochure. Need your brochure designed too? please call us.

Corporate Stationery

Leave a great lasting impression with beautifully printed letterhead, with compliments slips, business cards and presentation folders.

Training and Workbooks

Training manuals, workbooks, course handbooks printing, report covers, binders and more. Talk to us about your printing requirements.


Whether moving office, adding exciting wall graphics or launching a major campaign, good signage plays a vital role in creating a big impact. From complete office fit-outs, wall graphics, vinyl car wraps and signage through to hoardings, fence mesh, banners, billboards and large-scale signage.

A brand is a living thing, and just like a garden, it needs to be cared for. No one knows your business better than you do – but no one knows brands like we do. Our goal is to capture and execute your vision for your organisation, putting you in the driver’s seat of the campaign as we work to deliver real, profitable change at your company.

Campaign Rollout

Don’t fall over at the last hurdle. We have the experience to get your campaign elements rolled out and truly realised at every touchpoint with our full suite of production and media delivery services. Plus, we provide brand tracking, data analytics, reporting and optimisation to make sure you achieve greater ROI (Return on investment). Ensure that you’re always ahead of the competition and in front of your customers.

Consumer Research

To find the insights that are crucial to any successful campaign, thorough and reliable research is essential. We have the tools, knowledge and experience to effectively analyse your brand’s challenges and work towards a solution. Our research methods include; Consumer Profiles, Market Research and Competitor Analysis.